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Click the Erase button at the top of the Disk Utility window. If your Mac uses HFS+, select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) from the format list. If your Mac is using APFS, select APFS from the format list. See Troubleshooting for more information on which format to select. If the Scheme is available, select GUID Partition Map. Click Erase Click to highlight your hard drive name on the left column, Macintosh HD by default. If you are running macOS 10.12 or lower it will be indented slightly behind the model name of the hard drive. Click the Erase button. Depending on your OS version this will either be on the top button bar or on a tab to the right The best way to wipe your Mac before you sell it is to erase your hard drive and reinstall macOS. While there are third-party apps available on your Mac Apple Store, Mac offers a fairly easy way to restore the factory settings

How to reset your Mac before selling it iMor

How to properly erase your Mac before selling, recycling

How To Erase Hard Drive On Mac Before Selling It. Mansi Vijay, 2020-09-10. 0 13 min read. 861 Views. How-To Mac Optimization Macintosh. If you're ready to sell or trade your macOS for something newer, you're probably thinking about wiping all your hard drive data. After all, securely erasing data ensures that no personal information or. If the Mac has had financial or other private information on it at any time, it's a good idea to do a secure erase. Click Security Options, select the erase method desired, then click OK. Note that the most secure method can take days to erase the drive if it has a large capacity, so be prepared to just let the Mac sit for a while Mac mini (2020) How to erase and restore M1 Mac before returning it. You can proceed to factory reset your Apple Silicon-powered Mac without needing any set of additional tools. To get started with the erase and restore process, you can turn ON your Mac by pressing the power button Disk Utility offers a secure erase option when formatting a drive (click the Security Options button), but this is only recommended for hard disk drives. Ask Mac 91 Step 1 Download and Install the Wipe Mac Application, Run It. . Download and install the program on your Mac, then launch the program from desktop shortcut. Note: As you can see, it offers three wiping options for your needs, Erase File/Folers and Wipe Drive and Wipe Unused Space , you seleect the one based on your actual needs.. Step 2 Select the File Type You Need to Wip

How to Reset Your Old Mac Before You Plan to Sell It

How to Reset a Mac Before Selling it Securely Erase macO

Apple also describes on their support website what one has to do before selling a Mac, click on Erase tab at the top, select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as the partition format in the drop. But, before selling old MacBook Air, you'd better permanently erase your data to prevent your personal data from falling into the wrong hands. Now, follow the steps to permanently erase data before selling old MacBook Air Step 1: Use Super Eraser for Mac to permanently erase your data on MacBook Air

AweEraser: The Easiest Way to Permanently erase Data before Selling your PC. The best way to erase or delete a folder or file from your PC before selling it is to use a reliable professional software for it. This is where AweEraser comes into the picture as the tool you can trust to erase data permanently from your PC. It will get all the files. You'll want to securely erase that SSD, but it's a bit tricker than a plain hard disk. The first thing to do is read Apple support article. What to do before you sell or give away your Mac In this comprehensive tutorial we will show you how you can factory reset your MacBook before selling it or giving it away. This Mac factory reset guide can also be helpful in solving many of the problems faced by your Mac, as a clean macOS install has the potential of solving many issues with your device

How to wipe your old MacBook and restore factory settings

  1. Here's how to reset your Mac before selling it or giving it away. Clean the Mac of your personal data before erasing it. If you're about to sell your old Mac, the one thing you don't want to do is to give away the data you've been storing on it all these years
  2. 3 ways to permanently erase data before selling a Mac. The software is very professional with international data erasure standards. So it can ensure the data can be wiped completely. There will not no any chance to recover the wiped data after erasing with our software. To meet different needs of users, it offers 3 modes to erase data
  3. Will it be fine to erase an iMac with the Erase this Mac option in the Find My app from my iPhone before selling it? does this also mark the Mac as lost? Last edited: May 10, 202
  4. Erase and reformat your hard drive. Reinstall OS X. Maximize your Mac's resale value. On today's episode, we're going to run down a checklist of steps to take before selling, donating, or giving away your old Mac
  5. Before you sell your Mac second-hand, you should clean it both inside and out. Here are the most important steps you should take before selling or giving away an old Mac. Read next: Best Mac.
  6. For example, Apple recommends that if you're selling or giving away a Mac that is using OS X El Capitan or earlier, use Option-Command-R to make sure that the installation isn't associated with..
  7. Click the Erase button or tab, then complete these fields: Name: Enter a name for the disk or volume, such as Macintosh HD. Format: Choose either APFS or Mac OS Extended (Journaled) to format as a Mac volume. Disk Utility shows a compatible format by default. Scheme (if shown): Choose GUID Partition Map. 6. Click Erase to begin erasing. 7

Before you sell your Mac, though, just take a moment to consider why you are selling it. Before you sell your Mac, Therefore, simply wiping your Mac's hard disk with no secure erase option could potentially mean that the next owner of your Mac can recover all the data that was on your Mac beforehand, which could obviously have disastrous. If you plan on trading in your existing MacBook or sell it, then the one important step before you give away your machine is to factory reset it, so that all the data that you stored and used on the laptop gets erased and doesn't fall into the wrong hands. In this post, we'll explain [ The rest of the settings are auto-configured so you won't need to change them. Click Erase. When the MacBook restarts, press Command and Q to shut down the Mac. Your MacBook should now be free of any personal data and ready to sell! Decluttr is the fast, FREE and easy way to sell your MacBook In this guide, we will show the necessary and essential steps to follow before selling your Mac. You will have to back up the entire computer, deactivate some features and wipe all data from Mac hard drive. This article will show exactly what steps to take before selling the Mac. Part 1: Preparations You Should do before Selling Just give your drive a name (I recommend Macintosh HD, just for consistency's sake), then click Erase to start the overwriting process. If you opted to wipe your drive securely, this might take a while—30 minutes to an hour is not unreasonable for one pass

Now you can run AweEraser for Mac to permanently erase sensitive data before selling your iMac. AweEraser for Mac offers three options for you to erase data permanently. Option 1: permanently erase files/folders from iMac. This option allows you to selectively erase files or folders from iMac Three solutions to permanently erase data before selling old MacBook AweEraser for Mac offers military level data erasure standards. So, before you erase data from MacBook, please make sure your useful data has been backed up to other hard drive or iCloud. Once your data is erased by AweEraser for Mac, the data would be lost forever Reboot into recovery by restarting your Mac Mini holding down the option key than select the mountain lion recovery partition. Once it booted up select disk utility and the erase and then security options and select whichever seems better to you. the more passes the longer it will take 2. Press Command-Q to shut down your Mac. Your Mac is now ready for its new owner. When the Mac is turned on for the first time, the Setup Assistant will guide the new owner through the setup process

How To Wipe a Mac Before Selling or Donating I

Select the hard drive or hard drive volume from the left pane Click the ' Erase ' tab at the top Enter the volume ' Name ' and choose a ' Format In Snow Leopard or before, this will take the form of four radio buttons, of which you can choose Don't Erase Data, Zero Out Data, 7-Pass Erase and 35-Pass Erase. In Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) or later, it will take the form of a slider with four positions, Fastest at the left end and Most Secure at the right Question: Q: Should I erase OS X BASE SYSTEM when selling used imac? Already deleted HD. Should I erase OS X BASE SYSTEM when selling used imac? Already deleted HD. What to do before selling or giving away your Mac - Apple Support. More Less. Apr 29, 2016 8:59 AM Reply Helpful. Thread reply - more options. Link to this Post. Open the Disk Utility and erase your built-in hard disk. Make sure to select the disk, not the volume name listed beneath it. Then select MacOS Extended (Journaled) format and quit Disk Utility.. Permanently erase all data from computer. Rest assured that deleted data cannot be recovered at any cost. Best tool to wipe hard drive before selling or giving away personal computers. Completely delete sensitive and secret information like medical records, client's information and other private data. Available in both Windows and Mac platform

How to securely erase your mac hard drive before selling

You are wise to want to completely erase the data on your PowerBook G4 before selling it. Files just thrown away can be retrieved easily. Files just thrown away can be retrieved easily. There are a variety of methods that can be used to erase the hard drive in your system so that it would be extremely challenging, even close to impossible. Before you rush to a store that accepts trade-ins or you begin packaging up your old iPad to send it off to a site like Gazelle, there are a couple of important steps you need to take to ensure that your personal data has been removed, so that would-be criminals or other curiosity seekers don't get a hold of your information To obliterate them permanently, erase the free space on your hard drive. To do this, select your hard drive and click/select the Erase Free Space button. Then select the 7-pass method. Note that this takes several hours (overnight) How to Wipe a Mac Clean. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete all the data, files, applications, and settings on your Mac computer. Back up any data you want to save. Wiping your Mac will erase everything, including your operating..

Most Mac users run iCloud, Apple's system that keeps your contacts and other information synced between your Mac and iOS devices. If you are selling your Mac, then sign out of your account in the.. If you have an HDD and not an SSD, you can erase the data securely by pressing the Security Options button and choosing for example the 3-pass erase option. Quit Disk Utility and choose Install OS X. It is not necessary to delete your user account before you erase the partition or drive On a Mac, open the Disk Utility application, select the drive in the list, and click the Erase heading. Click Security Options and tell it to erase the drive once, and then erase it. Laptops, Desktops, and Internal Hard Drives. RELATED: How to Prepare a Computer, Tablet, or Phone Before Selling I There are mainly two reasons why you want to restore your Mac to factory settings and erase everything. You want to erase your MacBook Pro/Air, MacBook, iMac to sell or give away the Mac.. Your Mac is running slow or having other problems so that you want to delete everything on Mac to start over.. It is not difficult to erase everything on a Mac and reformat the MacBook or iMac Home> Tutorials > How to Wipe Data off iPad 2/3/4 (Mac/Windows 7,8) How to Completely Erase Data from iPad before Selling. Posted by Icey Kama on 6/10/2015 10:19:01 AM. (0 comments) It's always a great fun to try out new devices shipped with new features, like NFC payment, Health Kit. The thing I like pretty much about iPad is that the old.

How To Permanently Erase Data Before Selling PC/Mac Or

In this guide, we'll show you the steps you need to do before selling your old computer, and we'll give you several tips to get the most value for your device What to do before you sell or give away your Mac - Apple Support. The OS licensed for that system is the one it came with. If you upgraded the computer after you bought it the OS you have now is licensed for your use, not the new owners Erasing SSD on MacBook Pro before selling (I was not using File Vault!) - posted in Mac OS: I have read that the most secure way to erase a MacBook Pros SSD before selling is to encrypt it first. How to erase an iPhone before selling it. How to erase an iPhone before selling it. March 6, 2017 iPhone No Comments. A well kept iPhone can fetch significant cash on the second hand market, and it is an excellent way to help pay for your upgrade. Apple does not make low-end phones, and they continue to provide software updates for years after.

However, before you think of selling your iPad, for any rhyme or reason, you must to permanently erase iPad data before selling so that no one can access your private data stored in it. Simple deleting process and factory reset iPad is no enough, because some professional iPad data recovery software can recover them back easily 1. Open the Settings app. . 2. Select General.. 3. Scroll to the bottom and select Reset.. 4. Select Erase All Content and Settings.. You'll need to enter your phone's PIN code along with your. Just choose this mode to wipe the deleted data. It will erase the free space of the drive to wipe the lost or deleted data and avoid data recovery. It's really easy to use this software to erase data permanently before selling an external hard drive/USB drive. Only use these 3 modes to wipe the data completely and avoid data recovery Before you sell, give away or release your used iPhone to others, the first thing you should do is to erase iPhone data to keep your personal information safe. In this article, we will show you how to wipe an iPhone and iPad completely, and other things you can do manually before selling your iPhone or iPad Follow our handy guide to know how to cleanly erase iPhone or iPad before parting away with it. Your iPhone and iPad today are the digital hubs of all your personal digital data. Our phones are the gateway to all of our online accounts and services, including our email accounts, social media profiles, private photos and videos, our messages.

Open the Settings app > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Confirm and your iPhone will reset, power off and reboot. Important Tip: If your phone accidentally runs out of battery during the restore to factory settings step, use iTunes to erase data. Connect the device to your computer, then restore the backup In addition, it can help you permanently erase all data on iPad before selling, including apps and app data, to protect your personal privacy. Main Features of UkeySoft iOS Eraser: 100% erase photos & video, SMS, contacts, call history, notes, etc. without recovery possibility. Permanently and completely erase all data from iPad before selling It is a simple but powerful data erasing program that designed to erase all private information and delete your data before selling your device. Effectively prevent privacy leaks. - From PCWorld Simple deletion is not far enough, this safewiper program is capable of scan all deleted files and permanently destroy them As mentioned earlier, you can use the Erase All Data mode to wipe iPhone 5 before selling it. Below are the simple steps that you need to follow in order to do so. Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iMyFone Umate Pro. Step 2: Select the Erase All Data option and then click Erase Read and follow the steps below about how to erase iPhone data forever before you sell it. Note: Before you use this iPhone data eraser to erase all data from iPhone, make a backup through iTunes or iCloud first, so you can restore all your data on the new iPhone later

If you want to permanently erase all data on Android before selling, need a professional tool help - Android Data Eraser, here recommend the Mobile Tranfer or Mobile Tranfer for Mac, which allows you to backup your Android to PC, and erase all data or the deleted data on Android phone, tablet, or other devices with a click. No matter you are. You can also put your old Mac in Target Mode and use the migration option on your new Mac to bring everything over. This way you don't have to work from a Time Machine back up which can be slow. Of.. Why erase free space on your Mac hard drive? Here's a quick look at some top reasons to erase your Mac's free space: You're selling an old Mac or a used hard drive. You work with top-secret non-disclosure agreements. Your Mac has become too expensive to repair, and it's time to recycle. You want to be sure your deleted data is really gone

Here's how to factory reset your Mac, which will erase all your personal data, including a few tips in case it doesn't work. Check out the products mentioned in this article: MacBook Pro (From. How to Secure Erase a Mac SSD; Reinstall the Mac OS; FAQS. Can you reset a MacBook without losing data? Do you have to wipe a Mac's hard drive before you sell it? Can you erase your hard drive and keep the same programs? Can you wipe a Mac without the password? Can you install Windows on a Mac after you erase it? Wiping Your Hard Drive is Simpl This is the time of year when PC makers offer irresistible deals on new PC hardware. If you're ready to sell your old PC or hand it down to a friend or family member, you'll need to wipe your data. When you see your hard drive, select it, and then go to the Erase tab. Here, select Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) > Erase. Now, reinstall the OS X system. This should be an option after you..

Mac computers are generally reliable. But as with any computer, sometimes things go wrong. Before you spend big on a new Mac, though, try a factory reset, which wipes your computer and reinstalls. If you're selling or giving your Mac away, leave the setup assistant untouched. Instead, hold down the Command + Q keys to close the setup assistant, then click Shut Down. This will turn your.

What to do before you sell, give away or trade in your Mac

  1. Choose the hard disk you want to be erased and press the erase option on the upper side of the window. Choose the format Mac OS Extended (Journaled) before pressing the erase button to prevent any compatibility issues. Your Mac computer should start to erase all of your personal files
  2. Tap Erase iPhone on the prompt Enter your Apple ID password then tap Erase to begin the factory reset process To hard reset an iPhone using a Mac running macOS Mojave 10.14 or.
  3. Step 3: Erase the disk. Next, it's time to reboot your Mac and erase the drive. Make sure that your MacBook Pro is plugged into a wall outlet and has Internet access via Ethernet or wi-fi before continuing with the erasure process. If your version of macOS is Mountain Lion or older, then you will need your original installation media
  4. How to erase an iPad or iPhone before you return it or sell it Erase. Photo: Apple. If you're returning or selling an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, then you should erase it before you do so

Then, you can securely erase SSD before selling within several steps: Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. Click All Tools and choose SSD Secure Erase Wizard, or right click on the WD My Passport and select SSD Secure Erase Note: I started by selling my iPad 3, and if you're selling yours, check out my article on how to erase your data and reset it. Erase the Hard Drive Start your Mac and hold down the Command + R. Restart your Mac and hold down the Command and R keys during startup until you Mac is in Recovery Mode; Select Disk Utility and click Continue Choose your main startup disc (named Macintosh HD by default) and click Unmount Click Erase tab in the upper-middle section of the scree

Before Lion, you had to boot from a CD or DVD system disk or a third-party utility, like Disk Warrior, or from an external drive with OS X installed. Then you'd run Disk Utility to erase your. How to unlock your iPhone before selling it. Step 2: Unpair your Apple Watch. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC using your Lightning cable. Though you're going to erase everything on your iPhone in the next step, you should still sign out of iCloud first. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone. Tap your Apple ID banner This step by step guide will show you how to wipe an iPad safely to delete all data before selling it off. Before that, it is very important that you take backup of all your important data. • Back up using iTunes : For this process, you can use iTunes and take backup. To take backup using iTunes, install iTunes on your PC or MAC and then. The best method to destroy your data before parting with your solid-state drive, Backblaze argues, is to encrypt it. In other words, use FileVault for your Mac or BitLocker on Windows to fully. Please help, preperly erase my internal harddrive before selling. Question. I'm planning on selling my mac since I recently bought a new one. I was told that just erasing everything and erasing my harddrive isn't enough, A later heard that you could go to: disk utility> erase> security options, so that you can erase things up to 7 times..

In this article we will learn how we can wipe an iPad and erase all information in it before selling How to Erase Your iPhone Before Sale or Trade Have an old iPhone that you're selling or Visit our Mac Geek Gab Q&A Forums and have the tech support brilliance of the entire Mac Geek Gab. I have an old Mac Book which i need to erase before selling. Just want to erase the data before giving away the - Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website

How To Erase Everything On A Mac Before Selling - 3 Ways

The most responsible thing you can do before recycling a hard drive, or even disposing of one, is to completely erase the hard drive. If you don't erase the hard drive, you risk exposing sensitive personal data that you previously deleted—data like social security numbers, account numbers, passwords, etc DRIVE should be changed to the name of your hard drive. To run a 7-pass erase of your SSD drive in JohnB-Macbook, you would enter the following: diskutil secureErase freespace 2 /Volumes/JohnB-Macbook. And remember, if you used a space in the name of your Mac's hard drive, you need to insert a leading backslash before the space Part 1:Erase Deleted Data from iPhone before Selling. Step 1. Run iPhone Data eraser tool and Connect your iPhone with your computer. Download and install iPhone Data eraser on your computer,Launch it and connect your computer with your iPhone via the USB cable.If the connection is successful, your iPhone will appear in the software interface, as shown below

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Factory Reset Your Kindle. To get started, grab your old Kindle and first make sure that any content or reading progress that is not synced to the cloud is backed up, as the process to reset a Kindle will erase all of its user content.You can do this by manually initiating a cloud sync, or by connecting the device to your PC or Mac and making a local copy of any un-synced books or documents Here's how to safely wipe your iPhone or iPad before selling it: Install and launch iMazing. Back up the device. Disable Find My iPhone; Sign out from iCloud on the device. Remove the device from your iTunes associated devices. Erase the device. Check on iCloud.com that the device is no longer listed. Remove the carrier lock, and check the ESN. When selling or giving the iPhone we are using to others, we may worry about the personal data in the iPhone of being recovered. To solve this problem, we can factory reset iPhone to wipe or erase all data entirely from iPhone. Here, we are going to introduce about how to erase iPhone data without trace A few seconds later, you will get an interface as shown. You can choose to erase all data on your iPad or just those delete files according to your needs. 2 Erase All Data as Needed . If you want to sell your iPad, you'd better choose the first mode - ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE

How To Erase Hard Drive On Mac Before Selling I

  1. Before handing it off to someone else, such as by selling it on for some extra cash or passing it along to another family member, steps need to be taken to protect any personal data stored on the.
  2. The reason for this is that this data erasure tool isn't compatible with Mac OS X and works only on Windows. So, you need to connect the Mac hard disk to a Windows PC before you erase the free spaces on it using Stellar BitRaser for File. In short, deleting data on the Mac hard drive doesn't securely erase it
  3. Another is a security problem, I suggest you permanently delete data from the iPad, and even after you resale the old iPad, make sure no one can access your personal data from iPad.So you must erase all data from iPad before you selling it
  4. How To Wipe Your Apple Watch Clean Before Selling It Chris Hauk - May 17, 2017 If you're buying a new Apple Watch, you'll probably either be selling your old one to help pay for the new hotness, or you'll be giving it away to a deserving relative or friend

7 Steps to Take Before Selling or Giving Away a Mac

Way 1: Securely erase everything on your PC. Way 2: Permanently delete files with iSumsoft Filezero tool. Way 1: Securely erase everything on your PC. You have to wipe up your old computer before selling it. In order to wipe your computer, I highly recommend that you reset Windows to the default setting so that the next owner can set up their. dr.fone - iOS Full Data Eraser is bulit to delete ALL of the data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod before reselling. It fully supports every iOS device, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. It erase all of the data on your iDevice and the data can never be recovered. 100% secure guaranteed, no data leaked How to Erase an iPhone Before Selling or Giveaway. Before you continue with rest of steps it is really important that you take an iCloud backup of your iPhone. This helps to refresh all the current settings along with apps, photos and all other things on your iPhone. You can follow the below steps to take a backup 09) iPhone Erase Everything & Reboot Your screen should now go black while the operating system erases all of your information off the phone. You'll see a white Apple logo and eventually, the setup screen will appear or the next owner to enter their information Here are steps for Android owners who wanna erase Android data permanently before selling can be found here. What You Should Do before Erasing Back up the useful data and settings to your Google account.Save backups of your data such as contacts, calendars, G-mail data, documents on your Google account

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  1. How to Erase or Wipe iPad Data before Selling 2016-04-05 16:05:48 / Posted by Alleny Gavin to Phone/Data Clean Topic / Follow @ MobiKin Many people are planning to resell their old iPad on the online store or give away their old iPad device to their family members after purchasing a new iPad
  2. How to Permanently Clear iPhone Memory Before Selling Before you sell or give away your iPhone device, you should remove your personal information. Many iPhone users delete their sms, notes, contacts, photos,and other data only on the surface by removing or directly restore factory settings, but many recovery tools can be restored back, which.
  3. How to delete iPhone data permanently before selling I want to buy a new iPhone 6S and I want to permanently delete all data,including contacts, music, pictures, videos which were saved on the old iPhone.I know sometimes when you do delete, the data was gone, but some mobile transfer and recovery still can recover it by only a few steps
  4. 3. Permanently Erase Your Personal Data before Selling. So, how to erase iPhone before selling? iMyFone iPhone Eraser or iMyFone iPhone Eraser for Mac is the powerful tool. It is used to manage all kinds of data on iPhones and other iOS devices. It power stems from the ability to delete and erase files permanently with no chance of being.
  5. How to Erase Your Old iPhone or iPad Before Selling It or Trading It In. Tuesday December 26, Alongside picks for the top iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps and games of the year, Apple today shared.
  6. How to Safely Erase iPhone 4 Before Selling It If you want to sell, donate or exchange your iPhone 4 with another phone, you need to ensure all your personal data is erased from the iPhone 4. Data can be deleted from within the phone but there is a possibility that the deleted data can be retrieved including personal information such as online.
  7. How to prepare a Mac for sale or a return to an employer
How to Delete Files from Laptop before Selling | WipeWhat to do before selling or giving away your iPhone, iPadHow to Reset Your iPad and Erase All ContentShredo Mac App REVIEW Permanently and Securely Erase Files
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